Mini Palo Santo Soul Bundle

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The ritual of smudging Palo Santo can help you to decompress, allowing for an intentional and mindful release and shift in energy. Whatever you choose to use your Palo Santo stick for, were sure you’ll love its energising, uplifting ,cleansing & healing properties and not to forget it’s divine smell.

Untie your mini dried posy and crystal and pop in somewhere special - now you are ready to burn your Palo Santo stick.

You will receive 1 x Palo Santo stick with a mini dried posy, quartz crystal and an instructions card.

How to use:

Light your Palo Santo stick allowing it to burn for around 30 to 40 seconds then blow out. (the stick should produce a smoke like an incense stick burning)

You then can begin moving around your house, studio or work space gently waving your Palo Santo stick in the air realising smoke to cleanse and renergise your space and areas. 

When finished place on a heat proof dish - the glow will end on its own. Unless you continue to blow on the stick then this will continue to make smoke. 

You can dab the end in sand or on a heat proof bowl to make sure its complete put out. Your Palo Santo stick can be reused multiple times.

**Burn responsibility and never leave unattended

The Palo Santo sticks we use are a premium grade product sustainably gathered from the forest floors of Peru, South America. Featuring a divine aroma with a hint of mint, lemon and pine. We source our organic Palo Santo sticks from trees which are grown without fertilisers , artificial sprays and are pesticide free. 

Approx - 10 - 12 cm in length