Pink Fairy Orchid Hoops

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Australian native wildflower Pink Fairy Orchid wooden hoop earrings.

Made in Australia from our original hand painted design, these earrings are printed with eco-friendly inks, onto light weight sustainably grown hoop pine and finished with silver stainless steel hoops, perfect for sensitive ears! 

Caladenia latifolia, the Pink Fairy Orchid is a small tuberous perennial plant widespread in south-western WA and parts of southern Australia including Tasmania, growing in open woodlands and sandy coastal scrub. It has a single, long mid-green hairy leaf and produces stunning star shaped flowers in various shades of pink between August and October. Each stem is around 40 cm tall and can have 1-4 small flowers.

Pink fairy orchids often grow in large colonies and their common name is derived from their delicate, long narrow petals which can give them a fairy-like appearance with fluttering wings. Seen as a symbol of grace, gentleness, serenity, contentment and inner peace.

Care Instructions: Do not wear swimming or bathing.

P.S ~ All our packaging is plastic free!

Silver Stainless Steel Hoop