Suberb Fairy wren hoop earrings

Suberb Fairy wren hoop earrings

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Australian native bird Superb Fairy Wren wooden hoop earrings.

Made in Australia from our original hand painted design, these earrings are printed with eco-friendly inks onto light weight, sustainably grown eucalyptus wood and paired with stainless steel hoops, perfect for sensitive ears!

Malurus cyaneus, Superb Fairy or Blue Wrens are small energetic, well-known birds found across most of south-eastern Australia, in areas where there is dense undergrowth or low shrubs for shelter. During the breeding season the male has striking, bright blue plumage on his head and tail which he loses in autumn and winter. He also plucks yellow petals and shows them to females as part of a courtship display. Females, juveniles and males who are not breeding are a plain mid-brown colour. They all have a long tail that is mostly held cocked and a beautiful high pitched tinkling call.

Superb fairy wrens live in small social group territories consisting of a long-term pair with a few male or female helper birds that were hatched in the territory but may not be the offspring of the pair. Each partner will sometimes mate with other individuals and even assist in raising the young from these pairings. The female constructs a low-lying dome-shaped nest where she incubates the eggs. Both sexes feed the young and other members of the group help. Seen as a symbol of playfulness, joy, happiness, love, loyalty, partnership and cooperation.

Care instructions: do not wear swimming or bathing.