Sage Stick Dried Flower Keepsake Posy

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Our Organic Sage Smudge Sticks are Australian made, handcrafted with locally grown Organic Australian white sage and a colourful summery vibe of mixed botanicals. A beautiful blend for Protection, Strength and Balance. Includes a Keepsake mini dried flower posy combined with a healing crystal. 

What’s in the Bundle: 

1 x Soul Smudge Organic Australian Sage Stick
1 x Keepsake mini dried flower posy with healing crystal
Instruction card on how to use and burn your smudge stick safely

You can untie your keepsake flower posy and crystal and pop it in a special place. We use natural & organic cotton & hemp twine in all our bundles. You can use this smudge stick for rituals, smudging/energy cleansing, meditation or crystal cleansing. Sit and hold the smudge stick as you would hold a crystal. Use them as a tool for healing, centering and to reaffirm your intentions.  

When smudging you burn the tip of the smudge stick. The smoke cleanse & purifies the environment as you walk through the desired space. You may need to relight the smudge stick a few times during the process. Always make sure your smudge stick is completely out after you have smudged your space and never leave a burning smudge stick unattended.

*Inspired Botanicals organic sage smudge sticks are handmade and all the materials used are natural, ethically & sustainable harvested within Australia – as such each bundle may vary slightly in the dried flower's we use to make the keepsake posy ( due to seasonal availability). This is part of their beauty. Colour & variations of plants, wildflowers and crystals in photos may differ slightly than in real life, though every effort is made to make them as true to life as possible. Each smudge stick is made to order – approx. size is 12 to 15cm in length

**Please Burn Responsibly and Safely